circa 106 | Resituate #1 Conversation

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Resituate the collective body/place #1 | Online conversation

Conversation between Diogo da Cruz, Clara Osterburg, Renen Itzhaki, Aria Farajnezhad and Victor Artiga Rodriguez.

The overarching theme which we very much wanted to discuss is the discrepancy between the local and the universal and the practices each one might evoke. Especially in a time of a pandemic in which we are all facing the planetary scale impact, how can we act as a collective body? In each one of the works we find exciting moments that correspond well with the question. So the conversation has been moving round the individual works in response to the problematic of the organization and mobilization in big numbers. Together with the artists we wanted to wrestle with the topic and see if we can find alternatives which would not result into the dichotomy of sectarianism/authoritarianism.