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Resituate the collective body/place #2 | Online Exhibition

The works of the collective - Display XYZ, constituted by Tarik, Delia, Carlotta and Lorenz, exploring the capacities of the already existing video capturing devices, the project deploys the multiplicities of the viewpoints to map a dynamic representation of the public spaces. The capturing apparatus, or the photographic device is impacting the environment, the lived organisms. Timo Hoheisel not taking the camera as a given element, rather questioning the process which is necessary for the creation of an image to begin with. Speaking of the image production the artist Manana Kobakhidze is opening up the reimagining of the world, surpassing the limitations of the image and it’s constitution, she moves towards generating the imagination by subtracting the time as an organisation force. If time is ordering the events, what if the world can be imagined outside this linier setting.

Manana Kobakhidze
Creation of the World - 2020
Digital illustrations

Every ‘Time’ starts somewhere, so does my own. My time started in Pos-soviet Georgia in 90’s. Echoes of fall of the USSR stopped the ‘time flow’ in Georgia. The total numbness and immobility of time, left us with the same question as we have now in 2020- What’s Next? Throughout those times I’ve learned to move ‘Time’ by myself, creating imaginary worlds, where everything was moving and thriving. I use the same coping mechanism today as well.

I tried to go back to my childhood and use the same tools to reimagine the ‘Time’ that has stopped now. I’ve translated it into a biblical narrative, using the blueprint of the well-known “Creation of the World in 7 days” as a reference. I didn’t put any religious elements, but I did reference some moments from the Bible. Everything is translated into how I perceive the Bible, not necessarily how it is. It’s translated through my experience and echoes to memories of the same stopped time in Georgia. As this is only day 1, other 6 days will follow. The structure remains the same- A room and a box with Imagination.

DIS-PLAY (Carlotta Drinkewitz + Delia Jürgens + Lorenz Liebig + Tarik Kentouche + Yean Gi Hong)
DIS-PLAY #10-28-2019 - Like a Black Hole, a Message

“Like a Black Hole, a Message” is DIS-PLAY's 8th occurrence. It captures the deconstruction of persons and their environments in an image merged from virtual and physical reality states. Questioning origins, borders, physical representations and locations in modern life it stages the intangible longing for touch and starts there where you get sucked in - a virtual physical reflection located in a dimension without distance, hierarchy and gravity. A black hole is a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even particles or electromagnetic light can escape from. The boundary of the region from which no escape is possible is called the event horizon. Although the event horizon has an enormous effect on the fate and circumstances of a crossing object, it has no locally detectable features. Like a Black Hole, a Message reflects on how economic and cultural values are created and how they affect the individual and collective consciousness or body in today's world shaped by global economies.

Timo Hoheisel
“Heimatleuchten” - 2018

The photograph depicts the light emissions from my home town during the night. Taken under ideal environmental conditions: new moon, a clear night, no precipitation, dense low cloud cover directly over the city and no disturbing ambient light. Outside of these ideal conditions the light emissions are usually only, if at all, perceived as an inconspicuous faint glow.