circa 106 | Resituate #2 Conversation

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How to Re-situate the Collective Body/Place #2 | Conversation

Conversation between Delia Jürgens, Tarik Kentouche, Manana Kobakhidze Aria Farajnezhad and Victor Artiga Rodriguez.

The overarching theme which we very much wanted to discuss is the politics behind the use and distribution of digital image capture and creation, as well as the potential behind the appropriation of existing collaborative online platforms, the challenges of not falling into replication of already established methods, the reimagining of the world, surpassing the limitations of the image and it’s constitution. We will discuss the multivalency of collective work and the image which can be deviated from the complex interaction within the actors, we would like to then transition further to think about still image versus durational representation and the kind of temporal condition which has to be given for each one of them. We further discuss the works in the exhibition also in relation to the current situation, that the image is failing to give us a narrative upon the future.