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Holes and Pipes: Flowing Through You and Me
Jiye Lee & Jae-Nder Fluid
April-May 2021

Jiye Lee
Smearing through me and you
Unbaked clay, local plant seeds, soil - 2021

Often, the most marginalized people are the ones who are the most sensitive to others' pain and injustice. Because of our own pain and suffering, we can empathise with others, without having to share the exact same background and experiences. During the residency, Jae and I have shared our experiences as queer people who grew up in very rigidly patriarchal society. With this common understanding and friendship we built, I explored the struggles within the Bremen local society. Various types of plant and flower seeds were planted, representing each individual who stands for each other. I situated them in handmade vessels that resemble shapes of water puddles and droplets. The vessels were formed according to the structure of Circa106. At the end of the short display time, the vessels were placed at various locations in Bremen. The unbaked clay vessels melted down as rain and wind corroded them, and the plants began to live their second part of life as part of Bremen, continuing living for the next few years. I hope the remaining growing plants can successfully become part of our local society and remind people of hope, that things will gradually change for better, as long as we stand in solidarity with each other.

Jae-Nder Fluid
Inaccessible Space
Video installation 2021

Inaccessible Space is a work throwing a social discourse about discrimination and anxiety experience when genderqueer people use the public toilet where most people use it without denial of the existence The work consists of two videos, The first video took the format of a fake documentary. It tries to show the discriminations when genderqueer people use the public toilets, showing the interviews with two digitally generated humans. The second one is suggesting one type of neutral toilet which can be ideal for every person in our society. It is shown as abstract and deconstructive images with the virtual space which is digitalized actual Circa106 project space.

Documentation by Jiye Lee