circa 106
c enter
i nternational
r easerch
c ollaborative
a rts

c  i
r     106
c  a

Circa refuses the determination that 106 suggests.
The space is to open a discourse of inclusivity for cultural practitioners from all backgrounds.

Circa 106 announces the Open Call for its physical residencies during the months of February, March and April 2021. An experimental residency program , which proposes a collaboration between two artists who would work in the space, not simultaneously, rather have a dialogue through strategies such as, leaving notes, sketches, images, books, art work in the space and asking the other fellow to pick up on and reflect accordingly. More info in the following PDF.

Visit the documentation of our latest spatial interventionVersion Room: Untie - Unite by Lucas Odahara and Elburuz Fidan.

Visit our latest publication Reconfiguration of Thought as a Communal Act, a hybrid online-offline publication.

Review a list of all of our past open calls and their respective results in this link.

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Photos by: Jiye Lee
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