circa 106
c enter
i nternational
r easerch
c ollaborative
a rts

c  i
r     106
c  a

Circa refuses the determination that 106 suggests.
The space is to open a discourse of inclusivity for cultural practitioners from all backgrounds.

Visit our latest publication Reconfiguration of Thought as a Communal Act.

We are happy to announce the first two artists who will be at Circa106 workspace residency during the month of October. We were particularly interested in the methods of collaboration that could arise from both of these practices and how they could activate each other. In Manana Kobakhidze's work, there is a certain engagement with the residential environment and the agency which one can acquire through reconfiguration or assigning new architectural fragments to geometries of communal spaces and with Luisa Recker's practice, the game-like approach develops itself into a relationship with the body and translating the shapes which have been drawn from historical material into weaved objects.

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