circa 106
c enter
i nternational
r easerch
c ollaborative
a rts

c  i
r     106
c  a

Circa refuses the determination that 106 suggests.
The space is to open a discourse of inclusivity for cultural practitioners from all backgrounds.

Visit our latest publication Reconfiguration of Thought as a Communal Act.

Program Version Room, where The Dynamic Archive presents its' components and versions will start with its' first physical installment in December.

Lucas Odahara and Elburuz Fidan will enter the gallery space of Circa 106 from 4-11.12 Each of the artists will have 4 days to work in the space. Lucas and Elburuz will reference their respective component and version, available now online in The Dynamic Archive, exploring the possibilities in a gallery space. Their collaboration will not happen in person but in response to what they find in space.

Due to current restrictions related to COVID-19, visitors in person will not be able to enter the space, we will find a way to present their work online. This information will still be published in the coming weeks.

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Photos by: Jiye Lee
Website by: Pablo Somonte Ruano