circa 106 | The Office of Idleness

c  i
r     106
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The Office of Idleness
with Guida Ribeiro and Leon Lothschütz

An office, a schedule and a desk. During the period of the residency of Leon Lothschütz and Guida Ribeiro at the Version Room, the gallery space turned into The Office of Idleness. It was a limited space for a limited time: 4 days x 8 hours, 10 x 4 meters, equipped with only a desk, a chair and a computer, but without the task to produce anything of value for anyone else but themselves.

From 10am until 6pm, the employees of the Office of Idleness stayed still and didn’t make. They were useless and worthless. The Office was neither a room for production nor consumption. It was exist outside of the scope of work-life balance. The residency was an experiment on alternatives to the binary concept of work (usually considered the production of value) and rest (usually associated with passive consumption).

It hopes to achieve a feeling of self-sufficiency for anything that happens inside the Office, and an appreciation for idleness instead of rejecting it as „wasted time“.
From the artistic perspective, the residency is an attempt to be free from the expectation of displaying a result, embracing the pure process instead.

The Office of Idleness is the third physical instalment of the Program Version Room related to the project The Dynamic Archive in the space of Circa 106.