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Stretching Invisibility
Abdulghaffar Tammaa & Angela Liebe
October 2021

Open discussion/exhibition at Circa 106
Abdulghaffar Tammaa and Angela Lieber, in conversation with project space curatorial team Aria Farajnezhad, Suyeon Kim and Victor Artiga Rodriguez

Circa 106 is happy to share the documentation of the outcome from the collaborative artistic residencies which took place at the project space in Bismarkstraße 106 during the month of October 2021. The artists in residence engaged with the premise of the open call Open Call: Cultural scenes in Dialogue, a one month residency, with the ambition to function as a starting point for academia to converse and learn from non-hierarchical modes of organization that facilitate spaces of empowerment and agency.

Text by the artists:

We, Abdulghaffar Tammaa and Angela Lieber, warmly invite you to the outcome of our residency at Circa 106, titled “Stretching Invisibility”. Through manual/material labor exercises, sharing and experimenting conceptually with fragments of past works, and discussion, we have been exploring themes of space, inclusion, and care, as well as the toxic aspects constructing such spaces can bring. Our open studio is three evenings, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with a showcasing of our works/process and an open discussion. Saturday we will close with a discussion and gathering (music, snacks).

We are excited, as the central outcome of “Stretching Invisibility,” to share the space with you and openly discuss, in a self-educative approach, experiences related to space, safety, invisibility, labor, and material.