circa 106 | On Dislocated Discourses and Silent Parliments

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r     106
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Teatime: on dislocated discourses and silent parliaments

Where have all the conversations gone, now that the public is compromised? Limited to the confines of our homes, and faced with an unprecedented condition, we have the urge to converse even more, about all the matters, so pressing and crucial. The personal (or private, the domestic) is political, argued the second-wave feminist, and thus the pandemic is shaping our political selves, both anxious and eager for change.

Ana Filipović and Luiz Zanotello are conversing with Victor Artiga Rodriguez, Aria Farajnezhad, and Irena Kukrić about modes of (dis)engagement in the existing and newly amplified digital public arenas. The document below initiates our discourse and invites and encourages all the (virtual) visitors of the gallery to contribute to the on-going conversation.