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Circa refuses the determination that 106 suggests.
The space is to open a discourse of inclusivity for cultural practitioners from all backgrounds.


Version Room with Heike Kati Barath, Lui Kohlmann and Julian Hespenheide as part of The Dynamic Archive

In the middle of May 2022, during their Version Room residency at Circa 106, Heike Kati Barath, Lui Kohlmann and Julian Hespenheide will transform the gallery space into an open invitation to encounter chance and choice from three different perspectives. Between the three different components, a Projection-Animation, a Software Oracle and anthropomorphic life forms, common themes of repetition, randomness and selection are shared.

The opening of the exhibition is on 11.5.2022 at 19h / Opening times are 12-15-5-2022 14h-18h

Version Room

◂ past present ▸
How to Situate Spaces of Uncertainty
An exhibition about the visibility of communities,architecture of civil society, accessibility of the exhibition space to different bodies, and agency of cultural inhabitants.
Daria Sazanovich, Fredy Solan and Lucas Kalmus + Farzad Golghasemi.
exhibition | physical
A virtual take on physical Labor
A conversation addressing questions behind labor/capitalism through the lens of creative and cultural practitioners amidst the lockdown.
Guida Ribeiro and Leon Lothschütz in conversation with Aria Farajnezhad, Victor Artiga Rodriguez and Irena Kukric.
version room | online
Samples before Swine
A digital cross-media chat.
Lena Heins and Marijana Radović.
version room | online
How to Re-situate the collective / body / place
A call for imagining the collective act. We believe this is the time to think ​beyond borders​, meaning acknowledging that the planet is at stake. ​
Diogo da Cruz, Clara Osterburg and Renen Itzhaki // Lydia Klammer
exhibition | online
How to Re-situate the collective / body / place #2
A call for imagining the collective act. We believe this is the time to think ​beyond borders​, meaning acknowledging that the planet is at stake. ​
Timo Hoheisel, Manana Kobakhidze and DIS-PLAY (Carlotta Drinkewitz + Delia Jürgens + Lorenz Liebig + Tarik Kentouche + Yean Gi Hong).
exhibition | online
How to Re-situate the collective / body / place #3
10.04.2020 → 01.05.2020
We believe this is the time to think ​beyond borders​, meaning acknowledging that the planet is at stake. ​This is a call for imagining the collective act.
Simon Schadwinkel + Clara Romero Aguado + Felix Becker / Gasper Kunsic
instagram takeover
Structures that Initiate Change
An experimental framework by students of "Structures That Initiate Change", Examining organic, dynamic, planned and serendipitous relationships between objects, people, resources, materials and themes.
Hakeem Adam, Debaditya Bhowmik, Nadia Castro, Nina De Castro, Yunna Diao, George Farid, Lin Hui, Angsumita Nath, Varun Raval, Artem Stepanchuk, Müge Pelin Sen, Kashish Sharma and Xin WANG.
exhibition | online
Until further Notice
Intervention at Circa's facade...
Lucas Odahara and Elburuz Fidan
version room
Reconfiguration of Thought as a Communal Act
05.2020 → 08.2020
Hybrid online / offline publication as the result of a text-based care-work exercise initiated by Circa 106 and the participation of five writers, one editor and you, the visitor.
Hakeem Adam, Nadim Choufi, Suyeon Kim, Jana Piotrowski and Dorsa Eidizadeh. Texts edited by Will Lee.
publication | online
November 2020 Residency
A digital memory of a space and multiple gestures.
Nevena Savic & Liudmila Saveyleva
Untie - Unite
Physical installment of the version room residency.
Lucas Odahara & Elburuz Fidan
version room
February - March 2021 Residency
15.02.2021 → 15.03.2021
A Digital(-is) Wander: interchangeable scenes manipulated with the limbs, figertips, within proper tolerances.
Qian Xun Chen & Julija Paskeviciute
Shape Shifting - Sightings at Circa
A collaboration with the class from Lucas Odahara, Shape Shifters. Six sightings happened In situ, during the course of 1 week.
Lucas Odahara, Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro, Rahel Jüngling, Rogerio Nishizawa, Hanna Stijnen, Karina Burjakov & Ziyi Li
exhibition | online
March - April 2021 Residency
16.03.2021 → 16.04.2021
An affective encounter with an arch acts as the conceptual point of departure for a fabulation.
Iulia Radiu & Vicc Repasi
The Office of Idleness
28.05.2021 → 05.06.2021
An office, a schedule and a desk. During the period of the residency of Leon Lothschütz and Guida Ribeiro at the Version Room, the gallery space turned into The Office of Idleness.
Guida Ribeiro & Leon Lothschütz
version room
07.06.2021 → 19.06.2021
Hassan Sheidaei
Samples After Swine
28.05.2021 → 05.06.2021
Shiny materials, and collected audiovisual impressions come together, telling a story about the use of pearls, both real/ fake, and the special shape of samples, and inevitably their cross-over and connecting element: the unique and the universal. Two (or one) perspective(s).
Lena Heins and Marijana Radović & Freie Kunst Diploma Students
version room
November - December 2021 Residency
17.12.2021 → 18.12.2021
What is the role of artistic institutions and their relation to the art market? How to explore the interaction of hierarchical structures between the inner spiritual and the outer material landscape.
Renen Itzhaki & Camilla Metelka
open studio
7th Open Call: Library, workspace co-occur
The open call invites residents to take the premise of a bookshelf of collective practices as a starting point to propose their own way of engaging with this platform/concept/object for the time of one month.
open call

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